Hustle Harder Honey!

Just like with starting my business, starting my blog, has been something that has been far too long drawn out. Although, I am great at setting goals and making them happen a blog has always been intimidating for me. Despite the discomfort of having my thoughts written for everyone to see I formally invite you to follow along in my journey of becoming a wedding planner.

Let me start out by saying there is no doubt in my mind that this is the career path I am meant to follow.

Throughout college I found that I had many talents that I had never considered that I could be good at. I never saw myself as the creative type despite being a videographer and photographer. Four years later I am a graphic designer, wedding and event photographer, videographer and painter with a Certificate of Visualization and Design. As soon as I finished college I started my certificate for Wedding Planning and began messaging with local wedding planners hoping to find a mentor or two.

Here is the exciting news, I am working my first wedding this Saturday, August 4th.

Thought of the week: The two most important things I have found to remember when building my business is to always network and to always hustle harder than the day before.

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