Modern Rules of Engagement 💍

Engagement season is already in full swing and everyone is getting engaged! Throughout social media the newly engaged couples are flaunting their new rings. Here are some tips on what you need to know for your engagement!


I cannot stress enough that before you post anything on social media call your loved ones. They will be heartbroken if they see the good news on social media before you tell them.

Pick your venue, then your date!

Although you can have a month or season you want to get married unless their is an extremely meaningful date you have I advice looking for your venue before you have your heart set on a date.

Look for your dress early!

What many people don’t realize is dresses take a long time to be altered. Think along terms of months not weeks. With all of the tiny details on a gown its to be expected that it won’t be an easy process to make it fit perfectly.

Save the dates!

One thing I have seen is that invitations are something that brides put off. Once you have your final list of guests you want to invite send out save the dates so if you fall behind on sending invitations everyone who mattes to you will already know what day(s) to request off work.

Cake Tastings!

First remember to budget in cake tastings (or go to bridal shows).

Second off if you and your partner are working different hours give Publix a try. You order the flavors in store or over the phone and then you pick up the samples and take them home.

Third off Sweet By Holly does free cake tastings for engaged couples.


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