New Twist on Traditional Bachelorette Party

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We all know about what a bachelorette party is but I decided recently to do some research!

Did you know that bachelor parties are believed to have originated in 5th century B.C. in Greece?! Men even then celebrated their last night as a free man.

Women celebrated the end of their free days much later and in a much more conservative way. In fact Brides had showers starting in the 16th century originating in Holland.

Women however didn’t start celebrating with bachelorette parties until the 1960s when many other changes for women were occurring! During this revolution was when women started truly having parties similar to the ones men had that included strippers, drinking games and whatever they considered “party essentials.” 

Instead of hiring strippers for your bachelorette party theres an option to learn some moves of your own! 

If you are still looking for something fun and different to do for your bachelorette party look no further than Alt Fit Jax in Jacksonville Beach.

With a great location down the street from the beach bars and right off the beach you can easily fill the rest of the day with other activities if you’re coming from out of town!

The boss babes at Alt Fit Jax are not only amazing teachers but also have great personalities! You and your squad are guaranteed to have a great time!

For more information on different bachelorette party packages go to the link below!


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